An animal on four wheels About Tintswalo and the invention of the virtual safari

One minute the penguin is waddling into the sea at Boulders Beach, the next eight arms of the octopus are diving off the coast of Tintswalo Atlantic, and poof, one is overlooking the vastness of Lapalala and the other finds himself in the brand new sleep-out four-poster bed of Manor House – that’s how it would be in the beautiful colorful TIKTOK world. The real Africa is elsewhere. Where it has always been and all the inhabitants where they belong. Wild, free, colorful and alive.

Much time for craziness has passed, at the next conference of animals feathered, hairy or scaly creatures tell each other in any case of a strange sighting in the bush. An animal on four wheels comes daily with its riders, creeps up and observes. Even when no travelers came into the country at all, it was still here, in the vastness of Manyeleti Game Reserve.

It was always just Alistair here, Alistair there. The one who invented the virtual safari to bring Africa’s adventures to other countries, as a small consolation. Donations and kudos to keep going. He is the one we animals can trust, he respects us, as we know the Tintswalo Safari Lodge team does. No one pretends and we are authentic, after all, we get on TV. Which animal kingdom already has its own YouTube channel: The Virtual Safari with currently already 32,700 subscribers and several million clicks, a lot of mindfulness and an animal on four wheels that will continue to bring Africa into the hearts – from anticipation to memory, Tintswalo awaits you, live!


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