Our vision

DiaMonde symbolizes the dazzling world of travel. Like a precious gem, it represents the symbiosis of clarity, perpetuity and sophistication. We work to represent those special hideaways that discerning travellers dream about. Where they are already known we strengthen their presence. Where they are unknown we make them known. We believe that the most valuable gift is the ability to see and experience some of the extraordinary places our world has to offer. These places we have set out to uncover…

What we do and for whom

We proudly represent the finest retreats worldwide and help them become – or remain – TOP OF MIND.

How we do it?

By combining clear and custom-made sales, marketing & PR solutions based on a proactive and cost-effective approach with our profound inside knowledge of the German-speaking marketplace.

How exactly?


We act as a regional office and take on the responsibility for all activities in our field of expertise.


We consult closely with our clients.


Our clients know they can pick our brains any time.


Always keeping our clients’ goals in mind, we open the right sales & communication channels while safeguarding the properties’ own positioning.


We market our clients’ stories to the right audience.


Our approach is hands-on rather than blah-blah.


We use our network to create synergies.


We anticipate trends and strive to work with them to our clients’ benefit.


We deem that every retreat deserves our full creativity and attention to detail – from the first moment of approach.

Or read here what James Bell, Managing Director Sales & Marketing UK & Europe AMResorts, has to say:

The DiaMonde team manage to effectively combine the personal and the professional. They are warm and friendly but there is never any lapse in professionalism. In our eight years together, there was never a need to micro-manage them, Nataša’s ladies have always worked in perfect sync with my team.

There is a huge amount of experience in the German-speaking markets and there are team members there who have been working with us since 2010. It really is a gift to know they are able to immediately tap into that expertise. Their relationship with the top tier of travel agents in in Germany is incredibly valuable to us, as is their opinion regarding strategy, which they will always share freely. Only DiaMonde will know what will work – they listen, but are not afraid to give honest feedback.”

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

Ibn Battuta

How DiaMonde came into being A HISTORY OF BRILLIANCE

To be precise, it should be HER STORY, because the DiaMonde success story is a that of strong women. Above all, it is the story of our founder and owner, Nataša Manić.

DiaMonde was founded in March 2002 in Stuttgart. It all began as a one-woman-show, in a tiny sublet office and just two clients on my books. With that set-up, I travelled to agencies all over Europe and spent countless nights in nameless city hotels, just to keep telling my stories over and over again, inspiring more and more travel experts. As exhausting as all that traveling admittedly was, it was also the cornerstone for today’s success: everywhere I went, I met wonderful, helpful and interested colleagues who became companions and whom I count among my closest partners and friends today.

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