DiaMonde Team 2021

Would we like to introduce ourselves? Certainly.

What we all have in common? Apart from a good sense of humour? A solid education of course, with degrees from classy universities around the globe – from Europe’s leading Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland, to England, the Netherlands, California, South Africa and Australia. Between us, we have held roles in most fields of the tourism industry, the travel agency community, tour operating and hospitality; in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, England, the USA, Ecuador, Spain, the Middle-East, Africa and all the way down to the South Pacific. Within the team, we are fluent in ten languages, including our Swabian dialect, whereby we can switch from US intonations to Oxford English to South African and OZ slangs within seconds. Together we have 190 years of combined work experience in our field of expertise – of which we have singly dedicated on average over 8 years of seniority to DiaMonde, and still counting. Travel is our passion, the world our playground and DiaMonde our home.

Besides being a pretty smart bunch of professionals, we all have one attribute in common: we are soulful – and this is what sets us apart.

Would you like to meet each and every one of us? Voilà – the DiaMonde-All-Stars. Because DiaMonde definitely shimmers most beautifully in all its different facets – each one cut to perfection.


Nataša Manić

This is what my team say about me:

“Inspirational. Brilliant. Wholehearted. Nataša is not only the creator of what DiaMonde is today, but the team’s heartbeat. Her unconditional understanding and empathy for our hotel partners has transpired into each and every one of us, while she has brought the world to our feet and has taught us everything there is to know: from what a bed night is to being soulful! No wonder, we, her team members have been so loyal to her, as there is simply no better place like home ... and that is where we all are right now.”

And as for each one of them, let me, in turn, put into words personally what they mean to DiaMonde and myself.

Anel von Schuckmann

Anel was a gift to me personally, as she joined just in time to take over senior responsibilities when I was getting ready to step back and have a baby. Ever since, she has become indispensable for all of us, as she single-handedly put together a most wonderful medley of her personal African favourite places and made them DiaMonde partners …. and she continues to be on the gentle look-out for unique gems to join our hand-picked portfolio.


Martina Ulrich

I sometimes wish I was Martina’s sister. At least I'd like to feel like it, as we share the same sense of humour, very similar views on life and a passion for words. But above all, Martina has won my heart by being a most humble, loyal and simply awesome colleague I do not ever want to miss. Those who have heard Martina speak will never forget her – she is the queen of words, spoken and written and our very own storyteller. Do I need to mention she is also a top sales person? Well, she is, one of the best.

Peter Zwickl

Finally, I have found the perfect man for our team – and I did not just let anyone in, but a real pro. A Viennese luxury sales afficionado with references of excellence in his pocket from leading hotel brands such as Sacher and Ritz-Carlton. A true, old-school Austrian gentleman and a storyteller at heart, he was searching for a new stage: here it is, Peter. Welcome to the DiaMonde-Show!

Peter Zwickl
Anne-Kathrine Graf DiaMonde

Anne-Kathrine Jäger

Anne-Kathrine has taught me so much, despite the nearly 20 years of age difference …. it is her merit that I understand social media and have an Instagram account! She immerses in the world of media and PR, this is where she is at home. As for me, she represents the new, smart, confident generation Z – she questions me and makes me think differently, I like that.

Nathalie Thanner

Nathalie is my secret weapon. Why? Simply nobody can resist her. Not her blue eyes, not her smile, not her empathy. Anyone who has met her, if only once, will remember her – she is a stellar sales pro, but with the biggest heart on earth. A heart she shares in equal parts with her family and the travel industry ...

Diamonde Anel von Schuckmann

Dana Leidel

Still waters run deep. Dana to me is a myriad of talents and full of surprises. But she is one thing above all: an excellent sales person who wins agents’ hearts in a heartbeat.

Nicole Schmid

13 years so far with Nicole, and I could go on forever with her by my side. No job is too difficult, no task too boring. She takes it all on, with concentration and dedication. She is my personal life-saver, as she handles all those straining accounting tasks with perfection, allowing me to concentrate on what I enjoy more than book-keeping (and that is pretty much everything else!).


Juliana Daniel

Juliana was my number one, it was with her by my side that DiaMonde came to life. She took all the hurdles of a start-up and fought with me, like a strong warrior. I am thrilled that she is still by my side so many years later as without her, DiaMonde would not mean the same to me.

Sandra Brockhoff

Sandra has enriched not only me personally, but the entire team with her positivity, mindfulness, brightness and most importantly her talent to play with words. She is the brilliant ghostwriter behind so many of our blogs, newsletters and social media posts – we owe our much accoladed tone of voice also to her and simply so much more!

Sandra Brockhoff DiaMonde