Waterfall hides in Zimbabwe Masuwe Lodge rediscovered

“When the moonlight and the waterfall come together, all other things disappear from sight!” A sigh from letters by writer Mehmet Murat Ildan describes the power of Victoria Falls. In the current dry season, the water fades away like a curtain, displaying a stage, as it were, showing off caves, stones, sounds, animals, light and colors. Pause at one of the 16 viewpoints. Uniquely different. Away from the boats and also the helicopters, then completely in the peace directly at the falls or in the nearby Masuwe Lodge.

The Zambezi National Park exists since 1979, it was once part of the Victoria Falls National Park but was then split off to further develop the city of Victoria Falls. Thirty percent of Victoria Falls is accessible from Zambia, but a full 70 percent is accessible from Zimbabwe. The 56,000 hectares of Zambezi National Park are home to diverse wildlife, including more than 75 species of fish in the Zambezi River and its tributaries, 470 species of birds, and all the land animals that make up Africa. The protected area stretches along the riverbank and into the Chamabonda region. This diverse vegetation attracts a wide variety of animal inhabitants. Adventure guaranteed.

Here, just outside the bustling town of Victoria Falls, on this same Chamabonda area lies Masuwe, on 1000 hectares, opened in 1992 as the flagship of Landela Safaris and one of the first bush lodges at the Falls. In May 2017, Masuwe Lodge reopened after a complete rebuild and renovation, and joined the Seolo Africa Lodges group this year. It connects bush and wildlife with the Zambezi River. It combines all-inclusive hospitality with the freedom to explore local craft markets. Take a whitewater cruise or an evening sunset cruise on the Zambezi, shop in the curio stores during the day and return in the evening to the sounds, smells, tastes and natural surroundings that make up life on safari. If the waterfalls could, you’d hide right here overnight too!


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