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The Isibindi Foundation was established in 2019 to secure community and conservation projects after 23 years of hard work, and to create a facility to support these initiatives. The Foundation enables guests to be philanthropic travelers and travel with purpose, as benefactors and philanthropists. The Gehren family is one of the founding members and works with communities and conservation agencies on all projects to connect education, agriculture, child nutrition, health and employment through microenterprise support. Communities are encouraged to promote resources and education through investment, while recognizing the importance and value of preserving protected lands for future generations. The Foundation’s pride and joy are its values: Integrity, Respect, Accountability, Transparency, Commitment and Responsibility. Becoming a part of something as serious as lightness? Here’s the heartfelt guide:

Thonga Beach Lodge
– The roof of Mabibi Primary School is being replaced; it was in a state of disrepair. The new roof will provide a safe and dry environment for the children to learn. The value of this project is about R200 000,00 – 11.600 EURO. The school currently teaches about 100 children and is the only educational institution in the Mabibi community.
– Continue to support the school by funding teacher interns and a nutrition plan.
– Again and again, garbage clean-up campaigns are carried out in the community and on the beaches with the community members.

Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge
– Rhino poaching in South Africa has increased dramatically and a fundraising campaign will soon be launched for the Hluhluwe iMfolozi K9 unit to combat rhino poaching in the park. The unit needs two additional dogs which will be funded by donations (the cost of one dog and one handler is approximately R130,000.00 – 7,500 EURO – due to their highly specialized training).
– To support the Unyezi CBO, which works with the needy in the local community. Together with the center, food worth R6000.00 – 350 EURO – is provided monthly to feed needy children after school.

Kosi-Forest Lodge
– The fragile Kosi Lake system needs special protection and at regular intervals a garbage collection campaign takes place, together with the children of the local community. This also serves as a lesson in environmental stewardship.
– Distribution of 35 food packages to members of the local community, each of which can feed a family for one month.

Tsowa Safari Island
– The Foundation made a donation of R10 000.00 – 580 EURO – to GAP in Zimbabwe, which will be used to train rangers in the Zambezi National Park.

Just because we do not see it with our own eyes, it is still there: our beloved Africa, with its natural beauty, its richness of species and wonders of the world. On a continent where the life expectancy in some countries is just 53 years, one worries about other things than a vaccination or a trip, but in all countries one longs for the travelers.

Is the Isibindi Foundation also becoming a matter of your heart?

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