Swap couch for rhino Or why Rhino Ridge Lodge is not a one-night stand

Curves and edges, corners and slopes, whose views quickly make it clear that the journey is worthwhile. In the distance lies Rhino Ride Lodge, almost hidden in the dense foliage. The way to the lodge is like a drum roll, the excitement rises even if perhaps much of Africa is already known beforehand or some Africa is planned afterwards. Alice in Wonderland, Jumanji and Peter Pan entered gates into another world, also here in the middle of KwaZulu-Natal not far from the Isibindi River the feeling of adventure is in the air – in Isibindi Africa Style, only 3.5 hours from Durban.

The imposing entrance to the main house wades up with a giant rhino sculpture, donated by a local artist. The grandiose quality has been proven at least since it fell from the vehicle, during transport to the lodge. It did not suffer any damage and has one more story to tell.

With such high ceilings, the room seems huge and inviting at the same time. It’s as if the travelers are coming home, so personal from the very first visit. Despite all the regulations and hygiene standards that have expanded in these times, there is always a sense of freedom and safety in the room, combined with terrific service. Here, even the dining room conveys a sense of space and, believe it or not, intimacy.
Lunch for two? A visit to the spa? Or refreshment in the pool? Relaxation with a view? All this and much more, after a walk with Nunu, on the trail of rhinos and definitely with goose bumps.

The accommodations? A huge bed and a stunning room, so pure, so warm woods, so natural. There would be a sitting area in the living room, but who wants to sit on the couch when you can also watch animals grazing from the bathtub. A wonderful place to cool off and keep an eye out for passing wildlife and birds with handy binoculars is also the Honeymoon Villa’s private plunge pool.

As the lights come on and the sunlight fades, the main building transforms into a new “personality” while becoming romantic. The bar at night… Normally this is the place where guests share sightings of the day, but given the current times, this is a quiet place to linger and reflect. Times are changing and soon everyone will meet again at the same time for adventure stories, in the evening at this place.

No matter where and for how long, the main thing is here at Isibindi in Wonderland – one night would be far too little and if, then a few more should follow soon. What do you think?

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